Not Enough Ryan Gosling on Your Screen? Goslingize Any Web Page with a New Chrome Extension

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If your favorite websites feel like they are lacking a certain Goslingness, fear not. There's a new Chrome extension that can help.

It's called Hey Girl, and it performs a simple task. When activated, it will turn every image on any page into a photo of Ryan Gosling. Inspired by the ubiquitous Ryan Gosling Hey Girl meme, this extension is bound to make news sites, Facebook, Twitter, and reddit a whole hell of a lot sexier.

Your Pinterest feed probably needs more Gosling.

(image) definitely needs more Gosling.

(image) totally needs more Gosling.


Start Goslizing your favorite sites here. May I suggest that a good Gosling pic is a great replacement for your Facebook friend's baby.

Josh Wolford

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