Norwegian Mass Murderer Gets a Private Psych Ward

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Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, the man whose senseless rampage left 77 people dead last summer, is considered such a threat to his fellow inmates that the government is giving the guy his very own psych ward. Ila Prison officials said they could not keep Breivik around other inmates for fear that he would take them hostage. Furthermore, they were unwilling to keep him locked away in solitary confinement for 21 years, which meant that something had to be done in order to contain one of the most notorious killers in Norway's history.

In order to properly contain their prisoner, officials are building a psych ward for Breivik, which should, in theory, keep him tucked safely away from others. Except, that is, for the people the government would like to hire to play chess and indoor hockey with the murderer. Here's hoping that particular gig comes with some insanely good health benefits.

Breivik has admitted to his crimes, and sentencing is reportedly going to take place very soon. If he's considered insane -- his mental stability is currently under evaluation -- the government can keep him locked up for 21 years. However, officials are allowed to hold him beyond that point should they determine that he's a danger to society. Given that Breivik has shown absolutely no remorse for the murders, it's a pretty safe bet that he's going away for a very long time.

According to Yahoo! News, the Norwegian penal system is considered one of the most laid back in the world. At present, there's no capital punishment, the longest sentence is 21 years, and the focus is put on rehabilitation rather than outright punishment.