Northampton Clown Creeps Out Twitter Users

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A creepy clown has been stalking around the town of Northampton in the UK. So far reports are getting a little strange. From just being to creepy, to saying, "beep, beep" (a reference to Stephen King's "IT") when you pass by, all the way to having the clown knock on doors in the middle of the night or even that he carries a knife and has deviant intentions, the rumors about this creeper are getting out of control.

The clown reportedly has his own Facebook page. One status update reads like this :

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I'm not sure how I feel about this. While I love a little nonsense as much as the next girl, could I see this clown on the corner and sleep that night? Probably not.

Twitter feeds from Northampton are pouring in, and they give a clear (sometimes disturbing) picture of the human psyche.

Image via facebook

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