No Pants Subway Ride: Riders Donning Drawers Draw Attention


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“I look up and there’s this guy with no pants on.”

This is the how the “No Pants Subway Ride” was originally conceived – with a woman, being secretly recorded on the 6 Train as she served as the “butt” of a joke.

“The idea was just very simple,” said the man who initiated the Improve Everywhere gag back in 2002 and recorded it with a group of seven friends.

He reflected on the idea's comedic concept: “What would happen if in the middle of January a guy got onto a subway car in his underwear but was also wearing his winter coat, scarf, gloves and hat? And wouldn’t it be even more insane if at the second stop a new person got on in his underwear?”

After this, the prank gained momentum and has been continuing every January with more and more locales joining internationally over the years. Yesterday marked the 13th annual "No Pants Subway Ride". Thousands participated in New York alone, while more than 60 cities in over 25 nations joined in on the fun. Madrid, Beijing, Sydney, and Berlin were just some of the other countries on the list.

The girl on the far left clearly missed the memo:

I'm more worried about them hula hooping so close to that track:

The fuzz, looking befuddled:

For the sake of comedic performance, participants were told to comport themselves with nonchalant normalcy about taking their ventilated nether regions on a ride. Some nailed it while others tried their hardest but looked terribly nervous once a camera was on them.

Amidst the the inanity of this annual gag, there’s admittedly a sort of communal and absurd delight that comes with joining slews of strangers with chilly cheeks as they traverse the town sans pants.

Or... so I assume.

Image via Youtube