NJ Mall Shooting- Shooter's Family Looks For Answers


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A man took his life in a New Jersey mall on Monday after firing several shots inside the mall, terrifying shoppers. 20 year old Richard Shoop reportedly left a note that investigators said could not be considered a suicide note, before he entered the mall on Monday evening. Shoop did not shoot at anyone and luckily no one was injured. Investigators believe that Shoop did not plan to hurt or kill anyone other than himself when he entered the mall with the firearm.

The incident occurred around 9:30 p.m Monday night as the mall was getting ready to close. Shoop walked into the mall dressed in black and began firing shots before taking his own life.

Friends and family members of Shoop said that they were extremely surprised to hear that Shoop was the gunman and took his own life. His brother said that he was a well-liked guy and a family friend who had spoken to him recently said that he had seemed happy and in a good mood.

The governor of New Jersey said that she hoped the public suicide would raise awareness about the importance of laws that focus on preventing gun violence.

"Obviously that young man went there to end his own life. We may not be that lucky next time," the governor said. "We need to get to the root causes of what drives a young man like that to drive to Garden State Plaza in that condition."

Investigators are still trying to find a reason for Shoop's actions and suicide and the New Jersey mall was still closed on Tuesday for the investigation.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.