Nintendo Continues To Advertise Mario & Luigi: Dream Team In The Best Way Possible


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I love Nintendo's silly live-action ads. I like to think that most kids who grew up in the 90s and early 2000s love them as well. There was a time when Nintendo didn't make many of them, but the silly live-action ads of yesteryear are finally making a comeback.

Last week, Nintendo revealed the first TV ad for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and it was incredibly silly. It's latest ad campaign for the title features the same live-action antics of before, but now it's tied into a contest to win a 3DS XL and a copy of the game.

While I do appreciate the use of people dressed in costume, I would absolutely love to see a return to what we got in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Unfortunately, Lou Albano is no longer around to play Mario, but I'm sure Nintendo could find a suitable replacement.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team launches August 11 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.