Nicole Scherzinger is Single and Sharing Her Story


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Nicole Scherzinger is ready to talk about her heartbreak, after a five-year relationship with Lewis Hamilton, British Formula 1 driver, ended. She shares with Glamour Magazine and other sources intimate details of having "a blanket of tissues many a night” and ordering pizzas to deal with her break-up.

Lewis Hamilton was reported to have spending loads of cash trying to win her back in July, without "putting a price on happiness." He was supposedly just as devastated. Hamilton was also seen partying at the Playboy mansion and with other stars, like Rihanna, within the same time frame of their attempt to rekindle the relationship. According to rumors, Scherzinger and Hamilton made the split because Hamilton was not ready to commit to marriage after five years.

Scherzinger is going to be featured on the front of the October 2013, Britian's Glamour Magazine, out Wednesday. Her headline reading, "The Real Nicole: 'Heartbreak makes you grow some balls.' "

"The truth is we're no longer together. It is over. I know he's been very public about trying to get me back, but we're still not together," Scherzinger told The Sun.

Nicole seems to be keeping herself busy, and it was reported that she believes the separation allowed her to find herself and concentrate on her work.

Nicole is very social media savvy, seen on Instagram posing in a few "selfies" before Bootcamp Day 1 on X Factor.

Nicole Scherzinger's gig as a judge for the British version of X Factor has begun and left Nicole on the map. X Factor is music competition to find new singing talent, contested by aspiring singers drawn from public auditions started in 2004, produced by Simon Cowell.

Nicole's fans and three million twitter followers have lit up twitter and other social media with support for her role on X Factor and her "flawless" appearance. She should have no trouble finding a new match.

Images from Nicole's Twitter @NicoleScherzy