Nicki Minaj Reportedly Has Rehearsal Meltdown For Fashion Rocks 2014, CBS Censors Live Broadcast

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Nicki Minaj sparked controversy before and during Fashion Rocks 2014, which was held on September 9, Tuesday. The buxom rapper threw a tantrum at rehearsals when she wasn’t given extra time to practice the number for the live performance of her single “Anaconda”.

An insider from the concert told that Minaj threw a fit when she was refused more rehearsal time after singer Jennifer Lopez practiced her number twice. “Jennifer Lopez ran through her song twice because the stage crew needed some extra practice for her scenery set up. Then Nicki wanted extra rehearsal time too, even though production didn’t need it,” said the source.

Producers refused Minaj, which caused her to threaten them that she would walk out of the show. They had a back-up plan, though. “The CBS executives told her she was being inappropriate, and that she should leave. They were planning to have Kiss perform two extra songs to cover Nicki’s time slot,” the source added.

Minaj reportedly made amends with the producers and she was placed back on the concert’s program. However, she upset them again when she supposedly disregarded their request for her not to dance so suggestively during the live broadcast of the concert.

Wearing a revealing outfit composed of a crystal push-up bra and ultra-short skirt, Minaj had moves that reportedly simulated sex. “The camera crew had to cut away from her dancing at one point because she was basically having sex on stage,” said the insider.

Minaj took to social media to criticize CBS’ broadcast edits. On an Instagram post on September 10, she claimed that if CBS executives had told them beforehand, she and her crew would have changed the choreography so that fans could have seen the performance in its entirety. “Artists spend so much of their own money, time and passion to deliver their fans great performances. But ultimately, our art usually falls into the hands of people who care nothing about our art and creativity,” she wrote.

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