NFL Punter Chris Kluwe Shows Us Training Camp Through Google Glass

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Apart from POV porn, this might be the coolest use for Google Glass that I've seen so far. Raiders (formerly Vikings) punter and big deal on the internet Chris Kluwe has been using the wearable tech to document the training camp experience.

He's posted four videos from Glass so far. One as he catches the snap and holds for kicker Sebastian Janikowski...

One as he punts out of the endzone...

One as a "slow person returning a kickoff"...

And he even gave the glasses to Janikowski so we can see what it looks like to effortlessly launch a football 50+ yards...

The possibilities for Google Glass in sports are endless, and Google knows this. Here's what a Google spokesperson had to say about American tennis star Bethanie Mattek-Sands when she took the tech to Wimbledon:

"Glass’s potential in the sports realm is huge, and it can connect athletes, coaches, and fans in new ways. For Bethanie, it’s allowed her to capture her strokes from her point of view during practice and share those with her coaches. It also helps her search recipes and perfect her cooking, something that’s important to a professional athlete with dietary allergies and restrictions.

It's unlikely that we'll see Google Glass worn in an actual NFL game any time soon - but the opportunity is there. For now, we'll just have to settle for POV training camp videos - which is still pretty damn cool to me.

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