NFL Power Rankings: A New Team Rises To The Top


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Every week in the NFL, a new team has a chance of being the top team in the nation, if the current number one is beaten of course.

This week, that happened when the Denver Broncos knocked off the Kansas City Chiefs, who were previously unbeaten under their new coach Andy Reid.

In a week that saw the league's only unbeaten team lose, there were bound to be some changes in the top 10 especially, particularly with the Chiefs being dethroned from the top spot.

Peyton manning and the Denver Broncos continue to handle their opponents well, and with only one loss to Peyton Manning's former team, they have been playing on an elevated level all season, and have their sights set on a Super Bowl appearance.

Some teams have stepped up, while others fell, as seems to be the case in most weeks. As the saying goes, on "any given Sunday, anything can happen." In this week's case, there was also an incredible game that was played out on Monday between the Panthers and the Patriots.

It featured a couple of excellent quarterbacks, and resulted in Cam Newton doing all that he could in order to prove that the Panthers have become a force to be reckoned with, including a win against the Patriots led by Tom Brady.

The week 12 NFL power rankings features the Broncos at the top, followed by several top teams that are all in the NFC. After the Broncos, fans will see Seahawks second, followed by the Saints and Panthers, who will soon be able to face off, and decide to will take No.1 in the NFC South division, where the Saints are currently leading by one game.

The Saints were dealt a big loss this week, when their star corner Jabar Greer suffered a leg injury that is likely to keep him out until next season.

The Ravens, who won the Super Bowl last year, also suffered another loss to the Chicago Bears following an evacuation of Solider Field, and the Ravens have now dropped to 13th.

This week's NFL power rankings have certainly been shaken up, and mostly due to a couple of thrilling prime time games on Sunday and Monday. It is hard to know what next week will bring for fans, but there are some key match-ups too look out for.

The Broncos and Patriots will be facing off for the first time, and the Colts also play a rising threat in the Cardinals. With plenty more to look out for, fans better be sure to tune in to the NFL this Sunday. Keep an eye out for the Thursday game between the Saints and Falcons too.

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