Nexus 7 Guidebook Now Available - Reveals All the Little Known Details


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If you want to get the complete scoop on the new Nexus tablet, you need look no further than than this free guidebook, which was made available earlier today. The free 84 page booklet explains everything you need to know about using the tablet and the new Jelly Bean OS.

Go to Google Play to Read it.

It is basically the early version of the manual for the new tablet, so if reading manuals is your thing, then go for it. Personally, nothing is quite as good as the hands on experience, but people who are excited about this new gadget will at least get a sneak peak as to what it is all about.

The Nexus 7 will make its debut in the middle of July, but tech geeks want to know what's in store for Android 4.1. This guidebook tells all, from set up to optimization, from connectivity to apps.

Android owners can download and read directly through the Google Play Books App. iOS users can go to and search for the Nexus 7 guidebook. If you're on a PC, just read the book online, here.

I don't know that I've ever actually read a manual (aside from looking up a specific function), but some people love to know every little detail about the product they plan to purchase, and syke themselves up over what is just another consumer product to be replaced by christmas. But it is pretty cool. Just wait the 2 or 3 weeks to buy one.

[via: CNet]