New Xbox One Model Could Come in Early 2014


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Microsoft today released its Xbox One console to huge fanfare in New York city. More than a game console, Microsoft is positioning the device as a all-around media hub for TV as well. The console comes with an updated version of Microsoft's Kinect, enabling users to navigate the user interface using specific voice commands.

With the Xbox One only just out the door, analysts are now waiting to see if Microsoft can match Sony's 1 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold on its first day last week. In the midst of this an odd new report has surfaced concerning the future of the Xbox One.

DigiTimes today reported that Microsoft is already preparing a new model of the Xbox One. Citing unnamed "Taiwan-based supply chain makers," the report states that a new version of the Xbox One will be released sometime during the first quarter of 2014. The sources, at least, are scheduled to begin shipping the new models during that time.

What this means isn't entirely clear and details are still sparse.

The long-rumored new Xbox One SKU without a Kinect could be what the report is referring to. An Xbox One without the Kinect would allow Microsoft to price its console competitively with the less-expensive PlayStation 4 and could entice gamers who find the Kinect a gimmick to take another look at the Xbox One as a gaming machine.

The report could also be a sign of various other factors. It could be that the case design of the Xbox One is being pared down from its currently-large size. Another possibility is that this new Xbox One will simply be a marketing or bundle tie-in with the console's big upcoming exclusive Titanfall, which is scheduled to launch in early March.

Whatever the case, it seems that production is rolling on its Xbox One. Rumors during the summer had indicated that Microsoft might be having yield issues with the console, but DigiTimes' sources today stated that one million Xbox Ones per month were already being manufactured sometime during the third quarter and that shipments will increase in the coming months.