New Walking Dead Trailer Blows Up Around The Web


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If the people who run Comic-Con changed its name to something like, "The 'Trailers for Geeks' Convention," they wouldn't be wrong. The tagline could be "come for the trailers, stay for the panels and the cosplay;" but then again, perhaps too much accuracy isn't a good thing. What is a good thing, however, is more stuff from The Walking Dead, the king of cable television shows. Realizing this widespread demand, and the hype that comes along with Comic-Con footage, AMC made sure to have a trailer for Season 4--which starts a couple of weeks before Halloween--up and ready to catch some of that hype wave.

And catch it they did.

Since releasing the new trailer, which was posted on YouTube on Friday, July 19th, the view count close to passing the 3 million views plateau, as people are clearly ready for their Daryl Dixon/Rick Grimes fix. Of course, after seeing the 4-plus minute trailer, I'm ready for my fix, as well:

Even though that particular trailer exceeds the length of most previews, this viewer was left wanting more. More as in complete access to the Season 4 episodes, now, please. Because that obviously won't be happening, we'll have to settle for the trailer being the appetizer. Judging by all the video views, clearly, people want second and third servings.

Be sure and set your clocks--and DVRs--for Sunday, October 13.