New 'The Order: 1886' Details Revealed


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The Order: 1886 was one of the few new PlayStation 4 exclusives that Sony announced during its big E3 conference. The game features monster hunters fighting un-revealed supernatural creatures in a Victorian London. With futuristic weapons. The anachronism made for a very interesting teaser trailer, but many details about the game are still missing.

Though The Order was missing from Sony's Gamescom presentation this week, the game hasn't been fully neglected. Sony has released new details about the setting of the game, including the alternate-history London.

In a post to the PlayStation blog, developer Ready At Dawn Studios stated that the advanced technology seen in the teaser will "take center stage." Electric lights will line the city, and electric signs will provide a contrast to the dank architecture. The London underground will be present, but changed for dramatic effect. Airships, called "Sentinels," patrol the skies over the city, which will feature most of the landmarks London is known for (the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, etc.)

As for advanced weapons, the characters in the game will carry a variety of devastating firearms. The electricity rifle seen in the teaser, obviously, but also a gun that shoots a combustible cloud of thermite. Period-accurate firearms will also be used, but communication will be sped up through the use of "communicators."