New Social Networking Site Aims To Streamline Communications


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A new social networking site has launched called and WebProNews spoke to Tejpaul Bhatia, President of the site about its offerings.

Bhatia said the idea for the site started last year when his team noticed that discovering and sharing media from special events was difficult due to the high fragmentation of photo sharing, video sharing and social networking sites.

Tejpaul-Bhatia "We set out to create a simple and seamless tool to aggregate photos, videos, status updates and more from multiple platforms into one location where all friends can share, contribute and enjoy," said Bhatia.

"We used weddings, birthday parties, graduations and regular nights out as our use cases to test the idea."

RecreateMyNight works by using a proprietary time-stamping system to integrate with multiple social networking and media sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

Bhatia says the two main advantages of the site are "that you can utilize your social networking activity as chronological personal journaling tool and that you can pull information from multiple platforms without having to change your or your friends individual social networking and experience sharing behavior."

Bhatia says the site is for everyone but so far they have found heavy users of social networks tend to use RecreateMyNight the most. "This is why we chose Facebook Connect as our login mechanism for the site," said Bhatia.

On the initial response to the site Bhatia said," We are learning a lot about what people like to do and what they don't like to do on our site.  Early data shows that a large percentage of people that connect via Facebook are likely to recreate at least one night per visit and that a very large percentage of people that recreate nights share those nights with friends."