New Samsung Galaxy Tab Is On The Way


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Samsung's response to the iPad -- the Galaxy Tab -- is getting an update, one that Samsung hopes will better compete with Apple's ubiquitous tablet. While the hardware improvements are pretty impressive, it's the introduction of the Android 3.1 operating system that has provided some buzz for the update.

Samsung has also updated their site as they await arrival on their newest tablet, and the initial look is promising. The mobile device will feature a 1 GZ dual core processor and a screen that supports hi definition resolutions (1280x800). The Galaxy Tab 10.1 also features a 3 megapixel camera -- image and video -- and it also has a webcam built in on the front of it.

Does anyone want to have that "tablets will/won't replace laptops" again, because it's looking more and more likely?

Other features, per Samsung, include, courtesy of the Android 3.1 update, which the 10.1 is getting:

@blayze04 you are correct. Galaxy Tab 10.1 original was 3.0 but now it will be Android 3.1 - than a minute ago via HootSuite Favorite Retweet Reply

The update also includes::

* TouchWiz with L!vePanel* will take multitasking even further with continuously refreshed real-time content and rich widgets that deliver instant and relevant information to you.

* The Quick App Tray* can float above other applications, so important tasks can always be right at your fingertips.

* With Multiscreen Scrolling you can view up to five different screens at the same time, so you can get more done. Plus, the 1 GB RAM (max) makes multitasking seamless.

* The Enhanced Browser includes tabbed pages, form auto-fill, bookmark syncing with Google Chrome and private browsing.

Samsung has even produced a video for those who are interested in the Galaxy Tab, as modern marketing continues to take hold:

While there's no price listed for the updated Galaxy Tab, previous generations went from anywhere from $200 to $350. Expect the newest version to be in a similar price range. As for the release date, Samsung says it's a "few days away," so who knows when we'll see it. It had better be soon considering how much they are pushing the device.