New MacBook Pro Gets Its First Commercial


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At Monday's WWDC 2012 keynote, Apple launched their first-ever retina display computer, the next-generation MacBook Pro. By just about any standard, this thing is pretty amazing: it's got a retina display, it's nearly as thin and light as a MacBook Air, it's got an Ivy Bridge processor, and a whole bunch of other goodies.

Unfortunately, the new MacBook Pro's $2,199 price tag means that a lot of us will be enjoying it from afar for quite some time. Ever eager to make drooling over their products easier, Apple has released their first commercial for the next generation MacBook Pro. As you might expect, the main focus of the ad is the retina display and the computer's remarkably thin form factor. Check it out below:

Of course, the ad is pretty short, and doesn't exactly show off much of the new MacBook Pro's capabilities. If this 30-second commercial isn't enough for you, Apple has also posted the introductory video they ran during Monday's keynote. This one talks a lot more about the design of the new MacBook Pro. You can check it out below: