New iPad Mini With Retina Display Due This Month


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Apple still hasn't confirmed an actual date for the release of its new iPad Mini with Retina Display, just saying that the tablet will be available sometime later this month. Oddly enough, Apple did not release a new iPad in March of this year, the month it usually adds a new tablet to its stock. The latest iPad Air was put on shelves in California last week, and now, the new Mini will be joining it in the same month.

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook displayed the latest addition to its iPad line last month in San Francisco - the new Mini tablet will boast a Retina Display that has a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536. This barely even compares to the original Mini's, which was 1,024 x 768.

The new iPad Mini is also about 40% smaller than the latest iPad Air, and costs about $100 less; the two do have the same storage sizes, processor, screen resolution, and battery life. The Mini's screen size will be 7.9 inches, and a a 5MP rear-facing, HD camera.

The bad news? With a month still left before the device is even released, demand is already expected to largely outweigh supply. Rhoda Alexander, director of tablet research at analytics firm IHS, says that more than 9 million consumers are projected to purchase the new Mini. However, shipment of the product is expected to fall below 4 million units before the release, with a tentative 1 million more disappearing.

Just like last year, Apple users expecting to give the new Mini as a Christmas gift may have a difficult time nabbing the tablet, and should plan for an extended waiting period, possibly, into next year.

Main image and video courtesy James Martin/CNET via Twitter and CNETTV via YouTube.