New iPad Gets A Retina-Themed TV Ad


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Yesterday was a big day in the tablet world. In case you missed it, Microsoft unveiled the new Microsoft Surface, a 10-inch Windows 8 tablet that boasts a pretty impressive set of features (including a really nifty Touch Cover keyboard case).

Of course, as impressive as the Surface appears to be - and, Apple fanboy that I am, I have to say it looks pretty darn cool - it has some stiff competition in the tablet market. The tablet market is thoroughly dominated by Apple's iPad, a fact that doesn't seem likely to change much in the short term. Just to make sure everyone knows that, a commercial for the iPad began airing last night, right around the time Microsoft was announcing the Surface.

This new ad, titled "Do It All," emphasizes the new iPad's versatility. The ad shows off the iPad's usefulness for both content consumption and for productivity. In other words, this is effectively Apple telling Microsoft "anything you can do I can do better." Check out the ad for yourself below: