New Halo 4 Trailer Details the Promethean Weapons


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The last of the Halo 4 montages showing off each species' weaponry has finally hit Halo Waypoint. We've already seen the UNSC weapons and the Covenant weapons in previous trailers. This week, players get a glimpse at what the new Promethean race brings to the Halo 4 arsenal.

The Promethean weapons are where much of 343 industries' design philosophy will be able to shine through. As the weapons did not exist in previous Halo games, the developers were free to create them without any prior designs to hem them in. The weapons have a "disconnected" look about them when they are reloaded, and seem to construct themselves around the player's arm when they are equipped.

Though the look of the guns may be new and unique, the types of guns are fairly standard. The trailer shows off six guns: the lightrifle, scattershot, suppressor, boltshot, incineration cannon, binary rifle. These roughly correlate to other Halo weapons, in order: the battle rifle, shotgun, assault rifle, magnum, rocket launcher, and sniper rifle.

The first trailer below is the Promethean weapons preview with the now-obligatory dubstep playing loudly over everything. The one below it is the same trailer without the music, which allows viewers to actually hear how the weapons sound during combat.