New Far Cry 3 Trailer Shows Off Bad Guy


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The delay of Far Cry 3 until December 4th ticked off plenty of fans, some of whom had pre-ordered the game back in spring. Still, the delay has been beneficial for fans of game trailers, as new Far Cry footage is now almost constantly being released.

Today's new Far Cry 3 trailer shows many of the same features that have already been shown, but focuses on a single bad guy. It seems Ubisoft is using the same marketing methods Square Enix is using for Hitman: Absolution. This week's Far Cry baddie is Hoyt Volker, who leads a group of privateers and commands a large mercenary army.

The trailer is accompanies by some pretty laughable narration. The best line? "His privateer army can do a lot more than walk and chew gum at the same time - they've been trained to kill." That's wonderfully cheesy, but I'm betting the developers of the game are going for a tone that's a bit more gritty and real for the actual game. Here's hoping the writing for the game is better than for the trailer narration.