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If you haven't noticed, Facebook has been making a whole lot of changes lately. Many of them - and certainly the most talked about ones - have been based on the main news feed experience. However, there have been some other lower profile changes to Pages.

Still, as lower-profile as they may be, they could help businesses grow their Pages tremendously in the long run.

For one, there is a new "Friend Activity" tab on the left-hand side of the page (pictured above). This shows a user any activity their friends have engaged in related to your page. Simply put, this gives users more reasons to engage with your page. If they click that tab and see various likes and comments that their friends have left, it can encourage them to join those conversations, like the same things, etc. Given the nature of Facebook, especially with the new ticker feature on the right, people are more likely to see this activity than ever, so it's very possible that even more people will get engaged with your page.

Second, Inside Facebook is reporting that some Page admins have gained access to per post impression data in Insights Exports. While it's not rolled out to everyone, this could help brands track their performance, and specifically analyze things like what time of the day posts do better and what kinds of posts do better. Josh Constine reports:

Some Facebook Page admins are now seeing a new tab called “Per post” in the data exports from Page Insights. Data in the tab includes impressions per post and the total percentage of a Page’s fans that left feedback on the post. Previously, admins could only see daily impressions and feedback data in Insights. Per post data could only be found on a Page’s wall below the posts themselves, forcing admins to manually copy down impression and feedback data.

If rolled out to all Page admins, the addition of per post data to Page Insights will make it easier for brands to track what kinds of posts and timing result in the higher exposure and engagement.

These are just a couple of minor additions to the Facebook Page experience, but if utilized well, could really help your business' Facebook presence.

Today, Facebook is holding its f8 conference, and has plenty more announcements in store, so check back to WebProNews for more updates about what Facebook does, and I'm willing to bet there will be even more ramifications for businesses.

Chris Crum
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