New Curved iPhone Rumors- What's So Great About The Curve?


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Rumors of a new iPhone design have already started and many people believe the new phone will have a curved shape. Apple competitors, LG and Samsung have already released phones with curved designs, so it is highly likely that Apple with follow suit. So what makes the curved design so special?

If the rumors are right, the new and curved design will include some other features such as, larger screen and more sensitive and accurate touch screens. The new screens may also be able to distinguish between light and hard touches. All of these things sound nice but where is Apple and other phone companies really headed with these larger screens and more high tech phones?

It appears that the goal of most phone companies is to create phones that look and function very similar to a tablet, but are not tablets. Technology pushes this idea further every time a new phone is made, and eventually, it may be hard to tell the difference between a smart phone and a tablet. So does the curved design really make the phones that much better or are they simply for cosmetic purposes?

The jury is still out on how much value a curved screen adds to a phone,” Patrick Moorhead, the founder of tech analyst firm Moor Insights and Strategies, said. “They might be easier to pick up, but I don’t think many people are complaining about that."

So when it comes to buying a curved iPhone, are you willing to pay out the extra money for a new iPhone that has an impressive new look, but not impressive new features?

Image from Apple.