New Castlevania For 3DS, Lords of Shadow 2 Coming To Wii U [Rumor]

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The Paul Gale Network is back at it again. After being right in the past and recently dropping the bombshell of a rumored Metroid-Star Fox crossover, the Web site now has the details on two new Castlevania games making their way to E3 2012.

The first rumor is concerning the new Castlevania for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is rumored to be called Mirror of Fate with the title working into a new gameplay mechanic that uses the front facing camera on the system. Before you get all worried that it's going to be some kind of gimmick, the game is said to be a true 2D Castlevania experience.

Besides that, other details include the game starring two playable characters and some kind of connectivity with the Wii U. But wait, what is the Wii U doing here? Are they announcing a new Castlevania game for Nintendo's new home console as well? According to the rumors, a Wii U version of Mirror of Fate was in the works, but that project has since been canceled. Now they're making Lords of Shadow 2 for the Wii U alongside the PS3, Xbox 360 and Vita.

The reason behind the change is that an established sequel was much safer on the Wii U. Considering how awesome the first Lords of Shadow was, I think they made the right decision. Apparently, the game will still feature some form of connectivity with the 3DS title. A built from the ground up Wii U Castlevania game is still very much a possibility though.

According to Paul Gale, these two games will be available and playable at E3 2012 in a few weeks. He seems pretty confident in his source and we have no reason to doubt Gale yet. He has been right for the most part on all of these rumors. It's now just a matter of waiting for Konami to reveal these titles at E3.

The most interesting part about this rumor was the idea that Konami was playing around with making a Wii U version of the 3DS Castlevania title. It shows that developers are thinking of the Wii U as a giant DS of sorts with the TV being the top screen and the controller being the bottom screen. I don't exactly know how I feel about that approach to development yet, but I'm sure somebody will make it work.

I'm pretty excited for the rumored 3DS title, but Lords of Shadow 2 is clearly going to steal the show as far as Castlevania is concerned. The first title was a bold new take on the franchise and I can't wait to see what Spain's MercurySteam does next.

Are you excited for Mirror of Fate, Lords of Shadow 2, or both? Either way, we'll hopefully find out more once E3 rolls around. We'll keep you up to date on all the leaks and rumors before the big show. There's bound to be more leaks before the g

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