New Breaking Bad Poster Gets Us Ready For the Final Arc


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When August 11, 2013 arrives, it will be almost a year since we've last seen new episodes that follow the adventures of Walt and Jesse. Well, the wait is almost over, and that means it's time for the marketing machine to kick into gear, ensuring fans' appetites are sufficiently whetted. First, you start by teasing the fanbase, usually with commercials reminding folks of the show's return, something AMC's already addressed:

Granted, such things may only frustrate those who are patiently waiting, because it almost serves as cruel reminder of what people are missing. The next step comes with the release some additional promotional content, usually in the way of a poster or some images from the upcoming episodes appearing in entertainment magazines.

While we're still waiting on actual footage from Breaking Bad's final episodes, there is a new poster for fans to enjoy, and it sets the mood quite impressively:

Click for a larger size

For those who want a little more, AMC posted a video titled "On the Set of the Final 8 Episodes: Breaking Bad," which offers viewers greetings from the cast, while they are shooting scenes for the final eight episodes. Again, this kind of content is created to stoke the fires of those who are marking the calendar until Breaking Bad returns.

It won't be long now.