Nevada Motel Captive: Woman Kidnapped For 6 Months


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You have to wonder about the positive affects of social media, but in this case there is no doubt, it saved a woman being held captive.

The social media site, Facebook, is what saved Sheena Herschback from the forced imprisonment she endured at the hands of Jason Greniger who held her for six months in a hotel room against her will.

Her Facebook post simply stated: I just whant to let every one know im sarry I whant to come home but he wont let me yes Jason he don't knoe im online im in mesquet novata at the mv motel. It was enough for local police to learn of her dilemma and show up at that seedy motel.

According to Mesquite police, Jason Greniger, 34, was taken into custody on Saturday after officers were called of a possible kidnapping at the MV Motel.

When police showed up they reported that Herschbach appeared to be scared but also relieved when she saw the officers.

"I was scared that he was going to kill me," said Herschbach to FOX5. "The most painful part was when he would hit me in the head and keep on and wouldn't stop."

Herschback said in the Fox5 interview that she had been held against her will by her ex-boyfriend Greniger, who had picked her up from her home in California after pleading with her that she should come back into the relationship. She said that Greniger then threatened to harm or kill her and her family if she escaped.

Herschback also told police that she had filed a protection order against Greniger.

During the six months, Greniger allowed Herschback to get beer at a grocery store, allowing her out of his sight, and to go to the library, where she was able to use social media to ask for help.

"I was relieved," said Herschbach. "I was already stressed out. I then come to find out my mom passed away a month ago and it just put me down more. I wish I would have never listened to him to beg me to come back. It's not worth the pain."

Greniger initially tried to hide his identity from police, most likely due to previous infractions, however, they were able to learn of his true identity through his tattoos and physical appearance.

Police have put Greniger in jail on an outstanding warrant for first-degree malicious punishment of a child's body, and he is also being booked on a felony second-degree kidnapping. He is being held in the Clark County Detention Center.

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