Netflix: "The Killing" Resurrected For Fourth Season

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"The Killing" has been killed twice, and refuses to die. Netflix has now ordered the fourth and final season, to be aired only on its streaming service, with Veena Sud returning as the show's executive producer, according to NBC.

The Popular AMC show has quite the following and since its premiere in 2011, has been a fan favorite. The third season debuted to 1.8 million viewers, while the finale brought in 1.5 million viewers. The show is based on the Danish show, "Forbrydelsen". It chronicles murder investigations, which are led by homicide detectives Sarah Linden (Enos) and Stephen Holder (Kinnaman).

"It's a true testament to The Killing creator Veena Sud, and the stellar cast led so compellingly by Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, that fans remained so passionate about the show, " Fox TV Studios president David Madden said. "We're gratified that our partners at Netflix recognized this."

The show's first two seasons were based around the murder of a teenage girl, and the third revolved around a series of murders that involved one of the older cases of Detective Linden's.

Now fans can have some closure! The show was initially canceled after two seasons on AMC. Then, this year Netflix entered an agreement with Fox Television Studios to offer the murder drama to its members, but three months after it aired on AMC. This gave the network and studio a financial carrot to continue the series.

Then, in September, AMC announced that "The Killling" was canceled again, leaving fans in the lurch. A premiere date has yet to be announced, but Netflix has assured that all six episodes will be available immediately following the premiere, according to E!.

"The rich, serialized storytelling in The Killing thrives on Netflix, and we believe that it is only fitting to give Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) a proper send off," Cindy Holland, vice president of original content for Netflix, said. "We are looking forward to offering fans—both existing and new—a series that we know is perfectly suited for on-demand viewing."

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