Netflix Releases Latest ISP Rankings

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Netflix just released its new ISP Speed Index data for the month of June. This time, they've added icons to the U.S. graph to "increase transparency" about the type of technology used by an ISP.

"This should make it easier to compare Netflix performance on different types of networks," says Netflix's Anne Marie Squeo.

As usual, Cablevision, Cox, and Suddenlink lead in the U.S. Each has shown "stead improvements" over the past three months, Netflix says. Verizon FiOS continues to decline, falling two spots from last month to number 12. Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-Verse rank behind DSL offerings from Frontier, Windstream, and Centurylink, Netflix points out.

Last week, Verizon spoke out about its ongoing feud with Netflix. It placed the buffering blame on Netflix, while saying:

Even though there is no congestion on our network, we’re not satisfied if our customers are not. We fully understand that many of our customers want a great streaming experience with Netflix, and we want that too. Therefore, we are working aggressively with Netflix to establish new, direct connections from Netflix to Verizon’s network. This doesn’t “prioritize” Netflix traffic in any way, but it ensures that their traffic gets on our network through direct connections—not middleman networks—that are up to the task.

The benefit of these direct connections will be two-fold. First, Verizon customers who use Netflix will have a significantly improved experience as Netflix traffic flows over non-congested links. Early tests indicate that this is the case. The other benefit will be that the congestion that we are seeing today on those links between these middleman networks and our L.A. border router will likely go away once the huge volume of Netflix traffic is routed more efficiently. This will improve performance for any other traffic that is currently being affected over those connections.

Here's a look at Netflix's U.S. ISP rankings:

You can get a look at the previous month's data here.

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