Has Netflix Addressed Its Qwikster Twitter Troubles?

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UPDATE: It looks like the account @QwiksterTweet has been suspended by Twitter.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: I'm sure, by now, you've heard about Netflix's little Twitter problem when it comes to their recently announced new sister company Qwikster. Netflix's new service for DVDs, Qwikster, already has a Twitter account - and it's not associated with anyone involved in the movie rental biz.

In fact, it belongs to one Jason Castillo, a young man who seems to like soccer, iPhone games and pot. When Netflix CEO Redd Hastings announced the formation of Qwikster, Mr. Castillo awoke to find himself 10K followers richer. And apparently, he thinks that this is going to result in some cash being thrown in his direction.

If the claims of a few brand new Twitter accounts are to be believed, Mr. Castillo might be SOL.

@QwiksterTweet popped up last yesterday, with this tweet -

@Qwikster Please don't bother attempting to sell your Twitter profile, we've decided to move forward with this one instead. 🙂 20 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

@QwiksterTweet currently has 83 followers and their only other tweet is a retweet of the official Netflix account's link to Reed Hastings' apology.

Their location says San Francisco, CA and their bio information says "Formerly known as @netflix | Launching soon, stay classy America..." It also links to the official Qwikster website.

The interesting thing is that this exact same profile setup exists with a few other handles. @QwiksterTV, @QwiksterHD, and @QwiksterBlog all sport the same profile picture, the same location and bio information and all link to the official Qwikster site. @QwiksterHD has retweeted @QwiksterTweet's tweet shown above, as has @QwiksterBlog. @QwiksterTV hasn't tweeted yet.

Could these accounts be Netflix trying to snatch up some good Twitter handle alternatives? Or is this just a case of someone else who wants to get paid?

The official @Netflix account hasn't made any mention of an official Qwikster account.

Qwikster related accounts are being snatched up rather quickly across Twitter, as @Qwikster3, @QwiksterDVD, @Qwiksters and @QwiksterGames are all taken.

The funniest Qwikster account has to be @Qwikster2, which appears to be a parody account making fun of @Qwikster's Jason Castillo.

@Qwikster Just reached level 187 on Original Gangstaz on my iPhone! Where you at son? 14 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

@QwiksterTweet Yall shits is weak. I gots TEN TIMES yo followers. Hate hate hate. And no one uses this 🙂 punk ass smiley no mo. 15 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

The original @Qwikster has noticed this, and is not amused -

Son u aint gonna make me like u if ur trying to copy my name for example @Qwikster2 fake ass 1 day ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® · powered by @socialditto

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