Netflix Is Absolutely Dominating Data Traffic In North America [Report]

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Data from a Sandvine report is making the rounds through the tech Blogosphere today, finding that together, Netflix and YouTube account for 50% of downstream traffic on fixed networks in North America, with Netflix dominating between the two.

According to Sandvine, Netflix is the leading downstream application on the continent with 31.6% of the traffic. YouTube holds 18.6%.

Netflix is also making a major mark in Europe. It now accounts for 20% of downstream traffic on "certain fixed networks in the British Isles," according to Sandvine. As the firm notes, this is less than two years after Netflix launched in Europe and it took Netflix four years to have that kind of share of data traffic in the United States.

There is still a lot of world left for Netflix to conquer. It has no presence in the Asia-Pacific today, and the region's average monthly mobile usage alone now exceeds a gigabyte, which is driven by video, according to Sandvine. This accounts for 50% of peak downstream traffic - more than double the 443 megabyte average in North America.

In Africa, video still accounts for less than 6% of mobile traffic.

The report also found that Instagram and Dropbox are the top-ranked apps in mobile networks in many regions, and Instagram's launch of video has played a significant role in its usage.

Sandvine also found that P2P filesharing accounts for less than 10% of total daily traffic in North America. That's compared to 31% five years ago.

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