Netflix and The Weinstein Company Ink Exclusive Deal to Stream First-Run Films

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Starting in 2016, Netflix will be the exclusive subscription home to all films from The Weinstein Company, and its members will get to stream the movies inside the pay TV window.

Harvey Weinstein says that it's probably the biggest deal in the history of his company.

"Harvey and Bob Weinstein are in a class of their own when it comes to choosing and producing the best films in the world," said Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer for Netflix. "They are as innovative in business as they are creative in their storytelling. We look forward to reinventing the pay TV window with the Weinsteins."

The deal kicks of with TWC and Dimension Films content released in 2016. First-run titles will be made available on Netflix Instant during the pay TV window, after their theatrical run.

Netflix is already the exclusive home of TWC first-run documentaries and foreign films, having inked that deal back in February of 2012. This new deal means that all TWC productions, including all of its feature films, with come to Netflix exclusively.

"The deal that we've just completed with Netflix is probably the biggest deal in the history of The Weinstein Company and together, we are discussing ways to reinvent the pay TV experience so that the audience can get even more for their money," said Harvey Weinstein. "Their enthusiasm for movies of all kinds was the big factor in our choosing Netflix. Moving forward when people see The Weinstein Company name on a movie they know that our pay TV partner is the most significant new force in the entertainment industry - Netflix."

Josh Wolford
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