Nestle Says Android 4.4 Will Be Out In October


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Earlier this month, Google announced that the next version of Android would be called KitKat. Beyond the name and the announcement of a partnership with Nestle, Google didn't say much else about it. Most importantly, we weren't given a release date. Google isn't saying anything, but Nestle is.

Earlier this week, the KitKat Facebook fan page for Germany shared the following update:

If you can't read German, that's fine. The post isn't what's important. The important bits lie in the comments. After one fan asked when Android 4.4 would be available, Nestle's German Facebook team said that it would be available in October. It reconfirmed the October launch month multiple times throughout the comments as more people asked for confirmation.

Later in the comments, one person asked if Nestle knew when Android 4.4 would launch in October. Nestle's social media team responded in English with, "Maybe you should ask Google directly. They know the answer."

In other words, we now know that Android 4.4 will be launching in October, but we don't know the day. Of course, the launch date makes sense as Android 4.2 and the Nexus 4 both launched in October of last year. That hopefully means that Google will launch the Nexus 5 alongside Android 4.4 next month.

We may now know the launch month of Android 4.4, but its new features remain shrouded in mystery. I took a stab at what Google may be planning with its latest version of Android, but we won't know for sure until Google decides to lift the veil.

[Image: Kit Kat/Facebook] [h/t: Droidlife]