NeNe Leakes Released From Hospital


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NeNe Leakes, Real Housewives of Atlanta star was hospitalized after doctors found blood clots in her lungs. Leakes said that she had been feeling bad for a few days. When she became short of breath and had trouble breathing, she went to the doctor and was shocked to find out about the blood clots.

Leakes tweeted several messages to her fans during her stay in the hospital and sent out a heart felt message to everyone who was concerned about her health. She said,

"I'm thankful to be alive as the doctor advised me that most people don't recognize the symptoms of blood clots and don't go to the doctor and that's when the big problems start happening," she continued, "Contrary to published reports I did not have a heart attack."

Blood clots spread quickly through the blood stream and if they reach major organs such as the lungs or heart and are not caught in time, they can cause heart attacks and strokes. While doctors were able to catch Leakes' blood clots before they were able to cause any serious problems, many other people are not as lucky.

Leakes' co-stars of Real Housewives of Atlanta sent well wishes her way and seemed confident that she would be back to herself in no time. Leakes has been released from the hospital and is being cared for by her husband Gregg Leakes in their home.

Image from NeNe Leakes Official.