Neil Patrick Harris Spits On Woman During 'Hedwig' Performance, Audience Shocked

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Neil Patrick Harris was so into his character during his performance in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Thursday that he spat water on a woman in the audience.

According to a source, the incident happened halfway through the performance. Harris was in full drag costume and leaned down towards the audience and asked the woman “Are you drunk?” The woman waved her hands in the air in reply and the audience assumed that it was all part of the act. Harris then continued to address the woman and reprimanded her for taking pictures. He then said, “I hate you” and walked away.

Later, Harris was supposed to spit water at the audience as part of the performance, but he spat on the woman instead. “It was all a bit frosty and awkward. His anger was spectacular, especially the ‘I hate you’ bit. The audience went into a stunned silence. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife!” a source said.

Reports do not indicate how the woman reacted after Harris spat on her face.

A representative of the show said that in every performance, there is an element of audience interaction. They also said that the incident that happened is “all in character.”

However, many still think that Harris was serious when he spat on the woman. Others say that he was bothered that the woman was taking pictures in the middle of the show. Taking pictures is prohibited during Broadway shows and other productions.

This is not the first time that Harris was inappropriate during a performance. According to reports, Harris was the center of attention for swearing at an audience member. However, many people also understand that Hedwig and the Angry Inch consists of lots of improvisation from the actors.

Harris won a Tony Award for his portrayal of Hedwig in the play.

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