Neil Patrick Harris Gets Ready To Host The Emmys


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Neil Patrick Harris is getting ready to host the Emmy Awards again this year and the stage is being set, as the show gets underway this Sunday. Harris has hosted both The Emmys and the Tonys before and has plenty of experience in the position. Many people probably know him as a child star from his days on Doogie Houser, M.D. and recently on the popular CBS comedy, How I Met Your Mother.

He has been rehearsing plenty for the show and is very excited to be able to share the dance routines that he has worked out with the audience. The show will be held at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles, according to CBS News. The show will honor the best of the best in television and made for TV movies. Some of the biggest awards of the night include Best Drama and Best Comedy, along with the main actors that go along with the comedy and drama shows.

The Best Drama category is always one of the biggest when it comes to any award show involving television or film. This year, it is filled with old favorites that fans have loved for a long time, including Breaking Bad and Mad Men, but also Homeland, which is getting ready to start its third season soon and House Of Cards, a Netflix original show that aired its first season this year. The full list of nominees can be seen here

Netflix recently started streaming shows that are shown exclusively on the platform that are only available to Netflix subscribers. While a large number of people already use Netflix, this business venture could work to get more users as well, compared to people that might subscribe to HBO in order to watch a few particular shows. In addition to House Of Cards, which stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, several other shows are being picked up by Netflix as well. Neil Patrick Harris has expressed great interest in the subject as well and is curious to see how these shows will do at the awards. He said "I think it's really interesting to see how that's going to shape the way we watch television.It questions commercials. It questions programming."

The awards are just a few days away now, and Harris is busy at work and working hands-on in order to help put the show together. His work in helping produce and host awards has even earned him an award, a Creative Arts Emmy, which he was awarded last Sunday for being the executive producer of last year's Tony Awards, mentions the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The Tribune goes on to say that Harris won't say whether he'll perform any tricks during the ceremony, but promises "a lot of exciting things that have never happened before." There is also a special musical tribute to Liberace that is to be performed by Elton John.

Tune in this Sunday, September 22, at 8 PM, and catch the full show.

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