NCIS Season Premiere: What is Ziva's Fate?


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The much anticipated Season 11 of CBS police procedural drama NCIS started off with the death of one character and the preliminary farewell to another.

The episode aired on Tuesday night, and opened four months in the past. A bomb killed Secretary of the Navy Clay Jarvis, played by Matt Craven. Alan Dale's character, Tom Morrow, who's been around since the show's inception, was seriously injured in the blast.

And then there's Ziva. We've known since July that the fiesty, beloved character played by Cote de Pablo would be leaving the show this season. Tuesday's episode was the first of two in which viewers will bid the tough-talking former Mossad officer farewell. To the disappointment of many fans, while Ziva was a significant part of the story line Tuesday night, she didn't actually make an appearance in the episode.

We now know that Ziva is the next target of the same terrorist group that killed Clay Jarvis, and she's hiding out in Israel. Fans await her fate in next week's "Past, Present, Future" episode.

There's no denying that Ziva's fans are a loyal bunch:

They've created a few Ziva-specific hashtags, a website, and a Facebook page aptly titled Operation Bring Back Cote.

Did you watch the Season 11 premiere? Do you think CBS will bring Ziva back due to popular demand?

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