NCAA Suing EA Sports: End Of College Sports Games?


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The NCAA has had a long history with EA Sports, and the production of NCAA football video-games. However, recently reports have surfaced saying that the NCAA is suing EA Sports for a number of issues that have arisen during the business partnership between the two institutions.

The lawsuit was filed on November 4th in a Georgia state court, following a settlement that happened in September.

In September, EA Sports and the Collegiate Licensing Company agreed to pay around $40 million to settle lawsuits brought by former players whose likenesses were used without compensation.

EA Sports is responsible for making a variety of games for each system, but has its most popular in the NCAA Football franchise. Due to the fact that college players are not paid for what they do, it has been a rule that EA Sports is not permitted to use the names of players within the game, and it seems that the rule was broken, without players being compensated.

It was already announced that an NCAA football game would not be released in 2015, and there has not been a college basketball video game since 2010, while the result shows the business of producing college sports video games may be coming to an end. It is disappointing for the people who play these games, but luckily the Madden games will still be around.

The NCAA hopes to block the settlement, and require to EA Sports to pay for future liability judgments, legal fees and costs, according to the reports.

The Collegiate Licensing Company seems to be involved in the battle between EA Sports and the NCAA, which might not be theirs to fight. Andrew Giangola, the spokesman for the CLC, said "CLC is caught in the middle of a dispute between NCAA and EA which should not involve us."

He obviously does not feel that they are involved, and EA Sports should be held solely responsible for any incident that occurred regarding the players not being paid for their usage in the game. Two players who were very vocal in the campaign to get compensation for the players were Ed O'Bannon, a former UCLA basketball player, and former college quarterback Sam Keller.

Unfortunately for people who enjoy playing college sports games, it seems that with the NCAA suing EA Sports, and continuing their demands, that the era of college sports video games may be coming to an end. This will certainly hurt the business of EA Sports, who has made a great deal of profits from their NCAA Football games.

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