Naturally, The "Good Job, Good Effort" Kid Has Been Identified


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Yesterday, we discussed the kid at the end of the Miami Heat/Boston Celtics Game 5 who offered his condolences to the losing Heat team as they walked off the court in the form of a "good job, good effort" chant. TNT's TV crew caught the entire thing, and thanks in large part to the power of Twitter, the kid, or at least his saying, became something of a meme. Well, as you might expect, he's been tracked down by NBC Miami.

The 9-year old, Jack Meyer, has been a fan of the Heat since he was a toddler, and the news segment goes out of its way to illustrate the youngster was not mocking the Heat. To illustrate this point, they film his bedroom, which is decked out in Miami Heat paraphernalia. Check it out for yourselves:

Welcome to Internet popularity, Jack. I hope that NBC Miami's motherhood-like defense of your cheers don't make things worse for you. I wonder how he'll take it if his Heat continue to fall on their face and get eliminated without winning a championship?