NASA Updates Iphone App To Version 2.0


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NASA is pretty much at the forefront of technology when it comes to a lot of things. SO it is no surprise that they have launched a version 2.0 for their iPhone app. What is surprising is that the app doesn't support the retina display so it is real blocky and grainy.

So as you can see the images are grainy, but there are still a bunch of cool parts to the app. One of those things is the awesome integration of weather to the mission sightings menu. You can go to a mission and see if you will have the ability to see it from a telescope and check it against the weather. The page also features a compass at the bottom of the screen!

The app also has the ability the stream the NASA TV channel and it can display some awesome pictures.

I would love to see NASA actually use their head, which we all know they can, and upgrade to version 2.1 which features HD display for the retina display.

According to NASA, people have down loaded the app more than 4 million times. According to Slashgear, the new version the app requires iOS 5.0 or higher operate.