Nancy Grace Bashes Legalization of Marijuana

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Nancy Grace says those who agree with the legalization of marijuana are likely "lethargic on the sofa eating chips...fat and lazy." She totally bashed the notion of pot being available to anyone in an over-the-counter form during an interview with CNN's Brooke Baldwin. The HLN personality's biggest concern is definitely children. As a mom herself she asked if people really want to know that their babysitter or their cab driver or bus driver--anyone who could potentially have the lives of their or her children in their hands are smoking pot whenever they want.

"I don't think it's best for our society," she said toward the end of the interview, despite the fact that she made her point loudly and abundantly clear at the beginning of the conversation.

A concerned "fat and lazy" person immediately weighed in on Nancy Grace's comments via Twitter.

Nancy Grace stuck to her outspoken beliefs via Twitter just the same.

Grace has no doubt sparked a conversation to be weighed in on by people all over the United States. Unfortunately since she is such a controversial figure to begin with--most people either love or hate Nancy Grace--there is seldom any middle ground here--folks will join in simply to bash her, rather than to intelligently contribute to the conversation being had all around the country.

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