MySpace Tests Audio Ads With TargetSpot


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For most people, listening to music online is terribly convenient, and the occasional audio ad shouldn't represent a deal breaker.  MySpace may be making a smart move, then, as it's begun testing 30-second ads with help from an Internet radio advertising company called TargetSpot.

MySpace LogoThe end result isn't too different from what fans of Yahoo Music or Pandora - or even regular radio listeners - are already used to.  MySpace members just have to tolerate a short ad, and then they're free to continue on their figurative way, listening to a number of songs before getting stuck with another commercial.

That number of songs is quite large, too, with MySpace allowing people to progress through a playlist of 100 tunes between ads.  So even if MySpace becomes less generous in the future (and it probably will), the social network should have plenty of wiggle room before people begin to grow resentful.

A MySpace representative confirmed to David Kaplan, "We're testing some new ad products and the response from our users has been positive."

The representative then encouraged more folks to weigh in, continuing, "As always, we're interested in hearing feedback from our community and the advertising community as we roll out new functionality that creates the right balance between user experience and commerce."

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