MySpace Launches Music Romeo Video App

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MySpace has launched a free music video application that can be accessed via its website or on the iPad.

The app called MySpace Music Romeo allows users to choose from 15 music genres such as pop or hip-hop and 13 moods including "chill" and "studying."

Music Romeo features a "Love" icon that users can click on when a favorite song is played and it will be added to their "Love" list. The more songs a user loves, the more Romeo plays music based on favorites.

Music Romeo crawls a number of social sites along with web pages and blogs to keep tabs on what's trending online in real-time. Users cans share what videos they are watching with others on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.




Other features of MySpace Music Romeo include:

*Purchase music from iTunes- Integration with the iTunes store allows users to download and purchase music or video.

*The web and iPad tablet are optimized for video viewing and allow for rich media content.

*While listening to a playlist, users have the option to skip up to 12 songs per day or six in one hour. A 15 second ad will play every 14 minutes.