Mozilla Releases Firefox OS Simulator 1.0, Per-Window Private Browsing


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Mozilla will be releasing its new mobile operating system, Firefox OS, into the wild early next year. The non-profit needs help from developers to make sure its launch goes smoothly, and so it released a simulator to help people get acquainted with the HTML5-powered OS. Now that it's been a few weeks since its release, Mozilla is ready to take off the training wheels.

It was announced today that Firefox OS Simulator 1.0 is now available for download. This latest release features a number of bug fixes and support for more Linux distributions. It's still going to be labeled as a preview despite reaching version 1.0, but that's only because Firefox OS is still in development. Mozilla still encourages developers to get apps ready for Firefox OS' launch early next year.

You can grab the Firefox OS simulator right here. While you're using it, Mozilla encourages users to file bug reports on its GitHub page.

In other news, Mozilla has introduced a new feature into the Nightly build of Firefox - per-window private broswing. In short, the new feature allows users to set up private browsing on a per-window basis without having to close the entire session. Users can also open a link in a private window by just right-clicking the link and selecting "Open Link In New Private Window." It's an oft-requested feature, and one that will now go into extensive testing as part of the regular Nightly releases for Firefox.

You can grab this latest feature in the Nightly build for Firefox here. It's a feature that's over 19 months in the making as Mozilla has rewritten the entirety of its private browsing code, but it's worth it for those who like to leave no trace when on the Internet.