Motorola Reduces The Moto X' Price To $399


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After being purchased by Google in 2012, Motorola sought to reinvent itself in 2013 with the release of the Moto X. Now the company is starting off 2014 right by reducing the price of its flagship smartphone.

Motorola announced on Wednesday that the Moto X is now available at every carrier off-contract for $399. The company emphasizes that this price is permanent going forward and that it applies to all versions of the Moto X, including the fully customized phones made through the Moto Maker. In other words, you can get that awesome Moto X with wood paneling for the same price of a 32GB Nexus 5.

With this new pricing, Motorola encourages consumers to go with the more affordable pre-paid wireless plans that many carriers offer. It estimates that a consumer could save hundreds of dollars over the two years that they would normally be locked into a contract with a subsidized phone.

Interestingly enough, Motorola is also offering to finance a new Moto X for the consumer that can't afford the full $399 price tag up front. In the fine print, Motorola says that a new Moto X can be yours for $0 down and interest free if the device is paid in full over the course of 6, 12 or 18 months.

If you care more about hardware specs than gimmicks, another cheap option available to consumers going into 2014 is Google's own Nexus 5. The LG G2 clone is available on pretty much every carrier and only costs $349 for the 16GB SKU. You can get the 32GB handset for $50 more.

Image via Motorola Blog