Monster Waves Caused By U.S. Storm, Flooding The UK


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The storm that hit the U.S. last week has made its way across the Atlantic, wreaking havoc on the U.K., Ireland and Scotland.

Dozens of flood warnings are in place across the UK as fresh storms are expected to roll in overnight, Monday night. A Severe Flood Warning is in effect, and the BBC says that this warning means "a danger to life".

Waves up to 27 feet high are slamming into Britain's southwestern coast, and just like those gale winds Hercules brought in the U.S., its brought lashing winds and heavy rain onto the coastal residents.

The Environment Agency has urged residents in Oxfordshire and Dorset to prepare for more floods. In Wales, seafront homes, businesses and student residence halls were evacuated as high tides hit the Welsh coast.

The Met Office, Britain's weather forecasting body, warned of wind gusts up to 70 mph and exceptionally large waves along the coasts of Wales, southwest England and Northern Ireland. Storms have caused flooding not just in Britain but in Northern Ireland as well, and in both countries - travel, roads and trains have been severely affected due to flooding.

At least seven people have died in this extreme stormy weather that has battered Britain since December, including a man killed when his mobility scooter fell into a river in Oxford, southern England.

The 47-year-old was pulled out of Osney Lock in Oxford on Saturday evening but he died at the scene. Police said it was a "tragic incident" that highlighted the dangers of using flooded pathways.

Flooding is also expected in South East England, including the Severn, and the alerts remain "very high".

"Environment Agency teams remain out on the ground across the country and will continue to work around the clock to protect communities at risk," said the agency's flood risk manager Jonathan Day.

More than 90 flood warnings - which means flooding is expected and immediate action is required - are in place in England and Wales.

The Met Office said a large, deep depression in the Atlantic had been "whipping waves up" out at sea on Sunday and these would come into western and southern coastal areas of the UK as a large swell on Monday.

"This, combined with waves driven by the winds in UK waters on Monday, will generate wave heights of 7-10m over parts of western Scotland, Wales and south-west England, and 3-7m in much of the English Channel and Irish Sea," it added.

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