Monica Lewinsky: Tape Surfaces Of Her Begging Clinton To Meet

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Monica Lewinsky was certainly a tenacious girl when she found something she wanted, whether it was a political career or a relationship with one of the most powerful men in the world. After her relationship with Bill Clinton was exposed and he was impeached, Lewinsky moved to the U.K. to get out of the scandal's spotlight, but now, sixteen years later, a tape has emerged of her begging the then-president to meet her for a secret, sexy rendezvous and asking him why he threw her over.

The tape, which was given to the National Enquirer, has been in the possession of a cleaner hired by Lewinsky's friends.

"I was supposed to shred everything in late 1998, but for some reason I kept this material," the cleaner said.

In the recording--which is only of Lewinsky's voice--she lays out her plans for meeting in secret.

“Since I know you will be alone tomorrow evening, I have two proposals for you, neither of which is you not seeing me," she says. "Now the first thing that has to happen is that you need to pre-plan with Betty that you will leave the office at, I don¹t know, at 7, 7:30 so that everyone else who hates me that causes me lots of trouble goes home. Then you quickly sneak back and then in the meantime I quickly sneak over and then we can have a nice little visit for, you know, 15 minutes or half an hour. Whatever you want. Maybe we could go over and watch a movie together and just have kind of, I don¹t know, boxed dinners or something like that. And then that way we don’t have to deal with the problem of me… of there being a record of me going upstairs and we can spend some time together and see a good movie. So I don’t know, those are two proposals and you can’t refuse me because I’m too cute and adorable and soon I won’t be here anymore to pop over."

She later asks why Clinton is being so "cruel" to her.

"It was so sad seeing you last night because I was so angry with you that you once again rejected me and yet, all I wanted was for everyone else in the room to disappear and for you to hold me. I loved you with all of my heart, Bill. For the life of me, I can't understand how you could be so kind and so cruel to me. What did I do to deserve this? I am seriously depressed because of everything that has happened...I have lost profoundly both professionally and personally, and in a toss-up, our personal relationship changing has caused me more pain," she says.

The tape isn't the only thing from the scandal to surface recently; in June, several of Lewinsky's personal items, including notes and clothing, went up for auction.

It's unclear just what this tape could mean for the Clintons, who thought all evidence of the affair had been destroyed years ago, but it may damage Hillary's chances for running for office in 2016.

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