Molly Burnett Talks Her Return To Days of Our Lives


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Days of Our Lives' Melanie Jones, played by Molly Burnett, is heading back to Salem and it looks like trouble is following her!

Burnett took on the character of Dr. Daniel Jonas’ daughter and drama queen Jones from 2008-2012. Fans were extremely disappointed when Burnett decided to exit the NBC soap two years ago, but are thrilled to know that she is making a comeback.

During a recent interview with TV Guide, Molly opened up about her return to the show, and teased about what is in store for her character Melanie.

"Hopefully, I was able to show that Melanie is a real person — someone who started out bad but grew and was positively influenced by the people in her life. She's still impulsive and makes crazy decisions without thinking them through, but she did evolve a bit," Molly explained. "When I left the show, Melanie went off to Europe to be with her mom after all the fallout with Chad and Abby. She really needed some alone time to clear her head and reboot."

So, why is Melanie returning to Salem now? Molly explained that she is homesick and made a big mistake while in Europe. "She's homesick," Molly said. "You go back to what you know — her dad, Daniel, and Parker and Maggie and Brady, all the people she loves. But, also, she may have impulsively made a little mistake. Okay, a big mistake. She needs to get out of Europe ASAP."

To find out all the other juicy details, tune in to Days of Our Lives on November 21 when Melanie makes her grand return.