Modern Warfare 3 DLC Launches January 24th For Elite Subscribers

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Hey Modern Warfare 3 fanatics? Are you already getting sick of getting spawn-semtex killed in Dome and sniped from across the map on Bakaara? Are you sick of all the exploding barrels and cars in Fallen and just plain fed up with having nowhere to hide from Pavelows in Mission?

Well if you're an elite subscriber, you're in luck. According to Infinity Ward Creative Strategist Robert Bowling, the first round of DLC will be dropping in just over a month.

Exclusive sneak peek at 'Park' - some of the first #MW3 DLC hitting Jan 24th for Elite subscribers! More info in Jan! 2 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

The lead image is the one tweeted out by Bowling, our first look at the new MW3 map "Park."

Kotaku brings up an important question - "It's not clear if that date is when Elite premium members will be getting the add-on or if their pay-to-get-it-first status will let them access it before that date."

But either way, it looks like at least one new map is on its way in about a month (or less).

Check out Bowling discuss how Modern Warfare 3 DLC will be different this time around. The "content season" is nearly upon us.

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