'Modern Family' Stars Ink New Deals with 20th Century TV


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Ty Burrell just inked a one-year development deal with 20th Century Fox Television, the same company that produces Modern Family

This contract allows Burrell to co-create and develop original comedies for the studio. Burrell also will help promising projects get produced. Burrell's new deal is only for writing and producing. He will remain exclusively starring on Modern Family.

In 2012, Burrell and his younger brother Duncan wrote a single-camera comedy based on their childhood for 20th Century TV. ABC bought the project with penalty. The studio's President of Creative Affairs Jonnie Davis said this about the project, “Although it didn’t ultimately go to pilot, it was quite special — very specific and unusual." Davis shared this about the new deal, "This deal is about deepening our relationship with this deservedly award-winning actor and tapping into a comedic community we want to access.”

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“Someday I’d like to grow up to be a writer-producer full time,” Burrell said. “So I’m thrilled to be in business with Fox and to be writing and looking for material with my old pals, and UCB members, Johnny Meeks, Joel Spence and Mel Cowan, as well as my brother, Duncan Burrell. Aside from my brother, they’re all just so gorgeous.” Burrell isn't the only Modern Family star to recently ink a new deal with 20th Century Fox. His co-star Eric Stonestreet signed a deal to produce a truck stop comedy at ABC and 20th Century.

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The project called Big Stop is based on Stonestreet's real-life family. Deadline described it as "a multi-camera comedy with a modern take on family and today’s current issues as seen through the lens of a bustling Kansas truck stop where stories and characters, like big rigs, come rolling in off the highway everyday."

Stonestreet calls Big Stop a "workplace comedy." He feels the characters are diverse and that everyone can relate to them. "It is relatable — no matter if you’re a businessman or a politician or a regular guy, we all find ourselves at a truck stop at one time or another," said Stonestreet.

Modern Family airs at 8:00 PM CST on ABC.