Mobile Security Industry to Grow Fast, Soon


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As more of society's computing tasks move to mobile platforms, businesses now face new security challenges. As the security industry steps up to meet these challenges, the market for mobile security will be a growth segment for years to come.

Analyst firm ABI Research this week made its predictions for the growth of mobile security management over the next two years. It predicts that the segment will hit $1 billion by the year 2015, up from a predicted $560 million by the end of this year. The firm cautions, though, that the growth of mobile security management will be explosive but short-lived. This is because ABI also predicts that security management will soon be a basic requirement of enterprise mobility management solutions, leaving little room for new players to bring in different offerings.

“While MDM will continue to provide the largest share of revenues, growth rates from other sectors, and, in particular, security and content management, will increasingly account for a much larger portion of the market,” said Michela Menting, a senior analyst at ABI's cyber security division.

The growth of mobile security will coincide with an industry-wide security market boom predicted for the next few years. Samsung just recently announced Knox, an enterprise security suite that focuses on the bring your own device segment, allowing employers to lock down employees' devices. The IT security market is predicted to rise to $30 billion worldwide by the year 2017.

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